Queenstown Winter Activities


Queenstown between June to September is a winter wonderland that attracts ski-bunnies and powder-heads from all corners of the globe. It’s not a secret that Queenstown is famous for its vibrant winter sports scene – but there’s so much more to the Adventure Capital of the World in wintertime besides skiing and snowboarding.

Queenstown’s winter calendar is overflowing with activities and events the whole family can take part in. Whether you’re in town for the ten day Winter Festival celebration, looking to do a bit of high-street shopping or jump off a mountain while attached to a parachute, Queenstown has you covered!

A 45 minute drive from Queentsown, Glenorchy is a tiny settlement perched on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Bordered by a serene lake, snow-capped mountains and a beech forest, Glenorchy is a prime outdoor-adventure destination. The area’s natural beauty has been showcased in many movies, such as Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring series and the Chronicles of Narnia series, and there are several companies offering guided walking tours of many of the filming locations for the movies.

While hiking around Queenstown may be one way to experience the region's unparalleled natural beauty, it pales in comparison to seeing it from above. Scenic flights of the Milford Sound fiord take off and land every day in Queenstown. You can take in the majesty of one of the world's most spectacular fiord carved out over millions of years from the comfort of a window seat in a light aircraft. Helicopter tours are also available. What's more, many tour operators offer special winter-discounts for aerial tours over Queenstown.

Don’t feel like walking around looking at rocks and trees? Want something that’ll get the pulse running? Try one of the many adventure sports on offer in Queenstown. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the action is limited to just the ski-slopes. Parasailing (an inspired form of madness where the participants fly over Lake Wakatipu while strapped to a parachute tethered to a speedboat), paragliding (leaping off a gondola 2,500 feet above Queenstown in a tandem parachute) and ziplining (zipping through the air while tethered to a cable slung between two trees) are all available in the winter.

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Those seeking something less death-defying on their winter-holiday can always go on a good old fashioned nature cruise. These start off with a luxury-coach ride from Queenstown to Milford Sound, followed by a leisurely cruise on a tour boat. Coaches leave Queenstown in the morning and return in the evening, making it the ideal day-trip for visitors to Queenstown.

With so much do see and do in Queenstown during the winter you’ll almost feel bad for the folks who spend their entire holiday stuck on a ski-field.

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